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Kemet Commercial,Industrial,Automotive and Military and Space Grade Capacitors

With over 160 patents and production facilities across the globe, KEMET Corporation is a worldwide provider of electronic components and a leader in cutting-edge electrical solutions. A wide variety of electromechanical devices, electromagnetic compatibility solutions, and supercapacitors are available to clients from the firm, which has the widest collection of capacitor technologies in the market. Quality, delivery, and customer service are all top priorities at KEMET.

There are several different types of capacitors made by KEMET Corporation, a subsidiary of Yageo Corporation (TAIEX: 2327), which includes tantalum and aluminium capacitors in addition to those with many layers of ceramic or film or paper. They also make polymer electrolytic and supercapacitors. There are several more passive electronic components manufactured by KEMET, including AC line filtering (EMI core and filters, flex suppressors, electro-mechanical devices (relays), metal composite inductors, and ferrite products). Nearly 5 million different part configurations are available in the product line, each with its own unique set of attributes, such as dielectric (or insulating) material, design, encapsulation, capacitance (with a range of tolerances), voltage, performance characteristics, and packaging. The product line has a wide range of applications.