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AC-DC Converters, DC-DC Converters, Noise Filter, Programmable Power Supplies

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International Rectifier

Standard Mil Grade DC-DC Convertors, MOSFETS, Schottky Rectifiers, Regulators, Schottky Diodes, IGBT’s, EMI Filters & Motor Control Modules.

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EPOWERSYS can provide both complete solutions and electronic instrumentation for several applications in these environments.i.e Power supplies, Winding tester, DCCT Transducers.

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Wide range of Capacitors like Tantalum, Ceramic, Aluminum, Film,Paper & EMI Filters to meet Commercial, Industrial, Automotive, Military & Space customer’s requirements

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AC/DC, DC/DC, Switching Regulators, LED drivers

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NANDrive™ BGA SSDS (eMMC, PATA, SATA), ArmourDrive™ SSDs (mSATA), NAND Flash Controllers, Specialty NOR Flash Memory

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Ultralife Batteries

Li-ion Rechargeable battery Packs & Cells, Lithium Manganese Dioxide for high reliability applications like Military,Medical and High-End Industial

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Hermetically Sealed Electrical & Optical-Components, Like Feedthroughs, Multipin Connectors, Coaxial Connectors, Thermocouples, Isolators, Viewports and Accessories.

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